Enrique “xPeke” Martínez has been playing competitive League of Legends since the very beginning, with Fnatic during Season 1 of the LCS. As such — and in his current capacity as owner and manager of Origen — the world champion has a uniquely 30,000-foot view of the game that made him famous.

Becoming a better gamer is about precision improvements. Overclocked, inspired by Gillette, helps you level up your esports game via precision in practice, on-screen and IRL.

We caught up with xPeke during IEM Katowice, where he was on hand to present the League trophy, play 1v1 against fans, and generally just be a belved elder LoL statesman (even though he’s only 24). Hit play above for his thoughts on surprising plays, tilt, mechanical precision vs. strategic thinking, and more.

Hunter Slaton is the Content Director for Studio@Gizmodo.

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